I absolutely love this post from “Body Positive Health & Fitness – Personal Training”. Too many times I see articles pressurizing women to be constantly on it. We have lives too, and lets face it – going to the gym isn’t the most fascinating thing you can be doing!

Look at it realistically, to achieve any level of happiness you have to go easy on yourself.

Read the awesome post here!


New year, new goals? 5 ways to increase your success!

For the last few days I’ve been thinking about how people think and behave around new year. More specifically, the whole “new year, new me” and “goodbye last year, this year is going to be amazing!”. I wonder why people focus on the change in date and think that all the things that they haven’t achieved in the last year will suddenly become so much easier and life will be perfect.

Obviously there’s nothing wrong with being positive, the world would be a grim place without a bit of positivity. However, I’m a firm believer that if you only focus on the positive then you are setting yourself up for failure. Continue reading

Do no harm and take no shit. 

Just been thinking about some stuff I’ve seen online recently and thought I’d share.

I think it’s important to remind ourselves of the basics regularly. Some times people can mistake the mantra of “do no harm” to mean that they should be a push over. At the same time I’ve noticed a lot of memes and quotes online about not taking shit from people, or about “deserving” this that or the other. Continue reading

Ditch the stupid diets!

I’ve seen loads of pages/companies/adverts recently for magical miracle “cures” for happiness and health.

It’s got me thinking about how much money people waste on things that are supposed to cure everything – they’ll make you thin/rich/attractive/happy etc etc. Unfortunately none of this is new, these products have been around for decades so why is it that most people don’t see that they’re buying into a fad? These companies pay millions to find new ways to convince women that their product is The One, the one that will give you the figure the media says you should have, the one that will make you soooo irresistible, the one that will bring you eternal happiness and cure all your ails.  Continue reading

My favourite meal – ever!

I thought a good place to start this blog would be to share my favourite healthy meal with you. It’s literally just a few bits I threw together one night after work, I had intended to serve it with sweet chilli sauce but it was just so delicious I couldn’t improve it at all! Continue reading