OMG a woman dared to allow herself to age?! 

Just wanted to share this article because it made me so happy I felt like singing. This lady should be some sort of spokeswoman, she has completely hit the nail on the head regarding the marketing practices of beauty companies. 

The insults disguised as concern are disgusting. These companies try to terrify us into buying products that we don’t need, and worse than that – their methods can (and do) make women feel like shit about something that is completely natural and beautiful. All in the interest of making more money (what a shocker). 

I recently saw an advert for some neck cream. Did you ladies know that even though you “spend all that time on your face, your neck can still betray you by revealing your real age?!” Ohhhh the horror! I had no fucking idea that I should be worried about the skin on my neck! Thank you so much for informing me that my sneaky neck is giving away the fact that as the years pass I’m getting older! 

I’m 34, I look 34, I don’t use any products on my face (or that bastard sneaky neck of mine) and I never will. I’m going to continue spending my time thinking about my family, our health, being a good person, and about a million more things that are more important than the possibility that I have slight lines on my face 🙂 

Check out the conversation right here then let me know what you think. Have you ever had an experience like this? Have you seen any ridiculous adverts for beauty stuff? 


3 responses

    • Yes yes yes!!
      I won’t get started on my rant about the differences between men and women aging in Hollywood, will save that for another time!


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